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"Welcome Home"is a trendy-elegant store in Crown Heights , Brooklyn that carries a large array of kitchenware, tabletop items, L'chaim gifts, hostess gifts, Judaica items and more.

The store's newly expanded space boasts long glass shelves that carry a wide selection of high end table-top items, ranging from salad bowls, cake plates, and platters, to flatware, dinner sets, cookware and bakeware. ​

With new items always being added to our new houseware section, we now stock a variety of pots, pans, cooking utensils, baking tools, Pyrex dishes and kitchen accessories. ​

Centrally located at the heart of the bustling Crown Heights, community one of the store's most popular services is wrapping and delivering made-to-order Lchaim and shower gifts that are delivered, free of charge, to halls or home's within the CH area. ​

A brand new, state of the art keilim mikvah that meets the highest level of Rabbinical requirements now allows our customers to toivel items as they purchase them, and allows customers making purcheses online to request that their items be toiveled before shipping! ​ Welcome Home is located on Kingston Avenue between Montgomery & Empire Boulevard.



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