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What is a Mikvah?

 Kelim Mikvah is a mikvah specially made for dipping cooking utensils into. The Talmud (Avodah Zarah 75b) says that immersing ones crockery pieces into a mikvah purifies and uplifts them. This is based on a verse in the Torah (Numbers 31:23) in which the Jewish people are told that any vessels taken from the Midianites by the Israelites after the conquest of Israel should be “purified with water”.

Kitchen utensils can be divided into three categories: 

1. Utensils not requiring dipping: wooden or plastic items.

2. Utensils requiring dipping with a blessing: metal or glass items.

3. Utensils requiring dipping but without a blessing: china or earthenware items.

Today, this would refer to utensils used for cooking or eating that were manufactured or owned by non-Jews. Before immersion, the appropriate blessing is recited. One should ensure that the water reaches all parts of the utensil. This can be achieved by briefly releasing the plate once in the water or, more safely, wetting your hands before dipping or changing the holding position while under water. Alternatively, you can use a net bag or basket to dip one or several items together. 

Be careful to remove all labels from the item as they may act as a separation between the item and the water.

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